Sunday, February 20, 2022

Bandit trails of Utepils Brewing

Utepils Brewing is a truly excellent brew pub, north Minneapolis landmark with a lovely view of a stream and an active bicycling community - singletrack, road and fat.

When nearby Theodore Wirth trails are closed the trail rides explore a surprising range of dirt options. I'm going to try to collect a few Strava Maps for posterity. The winter fat bike "bandit" trails are among my favorites -- even more than the superb trails at Theodore Wirth park.

Summer ride along rails (click to enlarge) ...

There are some fun paths that go by a school in here. Cross a few rail lines.
The Cedar Lake East beach is a well known Bohemian beach (bare butt), I think there's one on the east side of Wirth Lake too but that's not for olds.

Variant of above but satellite view. 
The dense square is a skills park.
And slightly better choice

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