Thursday, April 29, 2021

Minnehaha, Lakes and Utepils Brewpub - Bryn Mawr neighborhood

This map was posted on Facebook's Utepils ride group as a suggested ride and my son asked to do it.

It's short loop and not fast -- these trails are popular with walkers, runners, skaters and cyclists.

Google wouldn't let me add more way points, but the rest of the return is 11miles, so about 28 miles for the entire outing.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Cross West St Paul: Kaposia Landing to Brickyard Trail

In a previous post I described the excellent Harriet Island (Paddleford Landing) to Kaposia Park via Robert Piram trail route:

This route describes a pleasant and relatively car-free route across West St Paul to make a loop that's between 11-13 miles (depending on variations). A google maps link should produce something close to this image:

The above route is about 3.8 miles and involves some big drops and climbs, there's a direct route that has only modest climbs and drops and is 2.7 miles:

If you're riding a mountain or fat bike there are some adventure options in this detail view:
Just after crossing over the freeway on the bridge from Kaposia Park there's a quick dirt trail drop onto a multi-use path. Follow that on a mountain or fat bike and you end up at Thompson Park Lodge.

On a road or mountain bike you can take a fast curvy trail deep into the very obscure Bluff Terrace Park shown at the top of the above detail (map).

Also on a mountain or fat bike when you get Brickyard Trail at the left side there are some interesting options:
In particular on a trail bike you can take the steep fast Brickyard trail to the bottom and find your way to Lilydale bike trail (don't take the railroad track, take the trail out) and then back to the Harriet Island Paddleford Landing start. At first you may think this trail is firmly fenced away (for some reason), but follow the fence to the right to see where locals have opened an entrance big enough for a small car.

On pavement follow the bike path on Cherokee Heights Road over to Ohio street and down to Paddleford that way.