Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ramsey County bike and trail maps

Ramsey county has several bicycle and trail maps online, but they're poorly organized and hard to find. These links may not persist, but they are a start:

Ramsey County ALRC: Active Living Ramsey Communities

Ramsey County Bike facilities and Gaps map (PDF)

They have some Google maps "rambletown tours -- not terribly useful, but nice to see ...

Now you can visit Ramsey County's GatewayBruce Vento, and Indian Mounds trails from your computer. These maps are created from a web application that automatically generates trail maps from pictures on a web album that have been geocoded.

Other sites list more maps

Pedestrian Trails Map (5 mb PDF file)

Hiking and Biking Trail Information (pdf)

Mountain Bike Trails & Rules Brochure (pdf)

Mountain Bike Trail Map

then there are regional trails

Lastsly, there's a Hiking and Biking brochure.