Saturday, December 25, 2021

All weather (but especially winter) cycling clothing guide (Wheel and Sprocket, with comments)

I came across this on Facebook, but I can't find it on the Wheel & Sprocket site. It's the best visual guide to cold weather clothing I've come across:

What would I add or change?
  • Poagies/bar mitts: If you have straight bars these are a game changer for below 30F. Between 30-40F they let me ride in thin gloves or even fingerless bike gloves.
  • You hardly ever need a "warm jacket". T-shirt + thermal base layer + a good quality wind shell (ideally GoreTex). Below 20F consider adding a down vest that you can take off when you get too hot.
  • You don't need a winter helmet, a balaclava and headband combo will do it.
  • You do need a neck gaiter. Brilliant invention. Mine is some thin synthetic from Outdoor Research.
  • Below 15F winter boots and wool socks may need chemical toe warmers or LiOn electric socks.