Saturday, March 14, 2020

Saint Paul to Hastings MN

It doesn't show up on Google Maps, but I'm told it's possible to ride trail from St Paul to Hastings MN. From a local Facebook group:
... rode this trail from Hastings to West St Paul and other than a few hundred meters it was all trail. I think I rode a little gravel on pine bend trail. In fact once you get to Hastings there’s a trail that goes over the Highway 61 bridge and goes out to Prescott. There’s also a trail that goes south from Hastings over the Vermillion River and heads back West along the South side of the Vermillion River..
... The gravel gap in the trail is only 2 miles of very hard packed limestone and is passable by road bike. I've probably done it a dozen times.
The next big connection from Hastings will hopefully be the north to Afton. There is an abandoned RR grade along the river....
... the current trail ends near the beginning of Pine Bend Trail (which is a road, not a bike trail). You can take Pine Bend for a mile??? Maybe???? Both paved and gravel and then snag the trail again near the archery range at Spring Lake Park. It’s a pretty small gap and Pine Bend isn’t too traveled on anyways...
... Least favorite part of the trail is that in SSP/IGH you have to bike by a shooting range. Hearing the sounds of guns going off all around me does not make me feel calm.  I bike through there very quickly
From near Pine Bluff (44.7545486, -92.9801149) it's all trails to Hastings.

Another member shared their Strava map (125 miles - beyond me):

Another one:

By comparison here are the parts Google knows about:

There's a trail from the red marker at bottom to the heart icon in Hastings but Google doesn't know anything about the trails that tracks the green space to the east of 52.

I'm looking forward to doing this route and updating this guide.