Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Minnesota River Bottoms paved loop: 35W to 77

There's an emerging paved loop along the MN River Bottoms that can be a good option when dirt trails are too wet to ride. It's possible that one day it will be a good option for inline skating, but as of 2022 I think some parts are too rough or even gravel.

The above screenshot is taken form a RideWith GPS River Bottom route. If you part at the Lyndale lot by I35W bridge you head on paved trails along the MN river. Stay to the right, the fun dirt trails go left to the bluff. Trails run into the MN 77 bridge and that has a bike path that will go across the river. On the other side going downstream there's the dirt trail to Sibley House, but upstream there's a paved trail to 35W. Cross back on the 35W bike trail to the Lyndale parking.

Beyond 35W upstream is an industrial area, I don't think there's any way to cross it.

I think the paved trail extends beyond the MN 77 bridge on the north side of the river, so there's an out and back option there to extend the ride distance.

I hope to update this post with my tracked ride.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Harriet Island, Lilydate, Great River, Fort Snelling, Minnehaha, Crosby Farm Loop

This is about 24 miles, a good spring ride on a fat bike. Some dirt, some broken pavement trail, some gravel.

1. Crosby Form dirt trails were prime! Not muddy. 

2. At 44°53′46″ N  93°10′15″ W on trails west of marina there’s an old asphalt path that goes up to Shepherd road across from Crosby. Fun descent, good climb. 

3. There are now singletrack paths along much of the paved trail from Hidden Falls to Crosby. Slowly accumulating over years. 

4. The peninsula by watergate marina has many dirt trails. Now is prime time to explore before they get overgrown. Five years ago just a few.

5. Highland Bridge development looks great and has a skate/bike park and big park at south end.