Saturday, August 12, 2017

Found between MSPs LRT Trail South and North: Brandondale and the mysterious East Creek trail

My buddy Scott and I went for a well known local ride west of Minneapolis. Along the way we found a short but novel trail.  This post is about that. was the original plan for today, but is what we more or less did:

Screen Shot 2017 08 12 at 9 47 37 PM 

As is often true with a bike trip of this length construction and detours and trail closures (2014 flood and 3 years of court battles have knocked out part of the LRT South trail) and my funky Google waypoint-generated maps sometimes took us off route. One of those diversions was to an undiscovered country.

Google sent us on an obscure journey starting at Brandondale Mobile Home Park (Rule generated web site). The entrance to the large park is marked by a covered bridge:

Screen Shot 2017 08 12 at 9 10 57 PM

(There must be stories behind this, but I couldn’t find them online. Who, for example, was Brandon?)

The mobile home community is pretty large. It’s also unusually attractive. We visited briefly, some permanent homes were being built. I think it’s going to go upscale — which won’t always go well for the current residents.

Google sent us along a creek trail that goes up the right (east) side of Brandondale …

Screen Shot 2017 08 12 at 9 29 01 PM

If you look at the covered bridge entrance to Brandondale (see above) the small hidden trail (44°48’23.7”N 93°35’00.4”W) to the left goes down to the East Creek Hiking Trail in Chaska, a broad multi-use trail that’s mostly paved with short stretches of dirt or gravel. A trail that appears to be completely undocumented online.

Panoramio, which will close shortly, had some trail photos uploaded by Steven Pfeiffer. I assume he lives nearby …


The East Creek trail may be undocumented online, but Google knows of it. When I asked the way to Steiger Lake Ln in Victoria MN it started out by sending us along the East Creek Trail. The Creek is a pretty stream. Here is the 3.1 mile trail from 44°48’23.7”N 93°35’00.4”W to 44°49’39.9"N 93°36'55.1"W:

Screen Shot 2017 08 12 at 9 40 01 PM

From there we went west and north to Victoria, then back the conventional way. Which was lovely and fun, but not as mysterious.

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