Saturday, February 26, 2011

Battle Creek Regional Park - East Trail

Battle Creek Regional Park East (Google Maps) is our current favorite MSP XC ski trail. It's two track classic only, with multiple possible loops and shortcuts. There's a nice set of easy and intermediate trails with varying terrain, mostly short rolling hills.
  • Trail Map (pdf) - There's also a parking area at Upper Afton east of McKnight that doesn't appear on the map. The northeast loop is open area, not wooded.
  • Two areas to park and enter trails
    • North of the trails on south side of Upper Afton Rd and east of McKnight road.
    • South of the trails, on north side of Lower Afton Rd and east of McKnight road. This is also the entrance to the Battle Creek dog park.
  • Adelsman's Skinny Ski - Battle Creek Regional Park East: Details with trail report
  • MORC Wiki: includes a overlaid satellite map - this is for the summer mountain biking
Alternate map:
20110226 BattleCreekEast 8166

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