Sunday, January 23, 2011

MSP XC Ski Maps

I love Adelsman's Skinny Ski site. It's the gold standard for Nordic and XC ski trail information for Minnesota and Wisconsin, including the metro area.

It doesn't, however, give me a full Google Maps view of trails that are near our home.

So I've created a publicly editable map - Faughnan MSP Ski spots. As an experiment I've made it completely open; anyone can edit it.

I'm only adding trails we personally use. We're a family of classic skiers, including a skijoring dog, and we live in the 55105 zip. So that's what we feature.

As I fill it out I expect to create a blog entry here for each trail, and I'll link to the blog entry from the map. That gives me a place to add some personal annotations and, of course, to include a link to Skinny Ski.

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