Sunday, June 19, 2022

Family ride: Southwest Saint Paul to Como Park Pavillion

[Dang, realize I wrote the same post a year ago! This version has more detail.]

After several iterations this is the best route I've come up with for getting from Southwest Saint Paul (Macalester-Groveland, Highland, etc) to Como Park Pavillion (and the relatively new Como trails):

This route has minimal elevation changes and is safer than other North-South routes I've tried. It's about 5 miles. Some notes along the way:
  • Cross Snelling at Jefferson, need the light for a family
  • Then immediately go north to Stanford because the Jefferson bike route sucks
  • Left on Syndicate, then Summit to get across Ayd Mill, then N on Griggs
  • Keep going north through Dunning playground, the bike path goes to a secret bridge over 94
  • Then Griggs again to right on Van Buren (Blair also good) and left on Dunlap. 
  • Right on W Seminary (Englewood works too) and left on Lexington bike path (it's nice here). Follow bike path to Como. (If you want just cross Como heading North then take the bike path that goes north (don't cross Lexington) -- it goes underneath Lexington in a bit.

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