Friday, May 20, 2022

Utepils BrewPub Sunday Rides

In our weird post-web post-blog world Utepils brewpub (225 Thomas Ave N #700, Minneapolis, MN 55405) ride information is only available on a Facebook group. Here’s that group's description as of May 2022 (I'll update this when it changes much). They do a ride most Sunday mornings weather permitting. The groups may vary depending on rider volume and leader availability but there's usually a Rec level group for both road and singletrack. In winter there are often 2-3 groups for fat bike rides.

Reminder! Please do not park in the lowest section of the Utepils parking lot. With all of our riders, their bikes, and cars trying to get through the one way lot, it is a lot to handle. Please park in the upper/back lots/on the street and then bike down.

Meet at the brewery at 9:45am

Roll out at 10am

First time riders must sign a waiver (done once per year). Link here:


Sport: 20ish mph paceline with minimal stops. 25-35 mile route

Sport Light: 17-19 mph paceline with minimal stops. 25-30 mile route

Sport Ultra Light: 15-17 mph paceline with a few stops. 20-25 mile route

Rec: 11-14 mph group ride. 15-20 mile route


Sport: Have experience mountain biking and can handle majority of obstacles in Theo/Loppet trail systems

Sport Light: Know what you are doing but not trying to set any speed records

Rec: Newer/want to go at a more casual pace. Comfortable on some obstacles.

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