Saturday, May 6, 2023

Utepils BrewPub Sunday Rides (Updated)

In our weird post-web post-blog world Utepils brewpub (225 Thomas Ave N #700, Minneapolis, MN 55405) ride information is only available on a Facebook group. They do a ride most Sunday mornings weather permitting. The groups may vary depending on rider volume and leader availability but there's usually a Rec level group for both road and singletrack. In winter there are often 2-3 groups for fat bike rides.

Here's the Facebook description as of May 2023, emphases mine.

As you can see below, we are putting where each ride will be gathering in the parking lot prior to each ride. This will help alleviate the joy of everyone trying to cross paths with their bikes as each ride departs.

We are implementing a few new rules this year. No Burleys, trailers, or pets on rides this year except for the designated Burley rides we will be doing occasionally throughout the year. The groups are getting too big and it creates a difficult environment to maintain. Cargo bikes are allowed and in Rec ride only. If bringing a kid in a cargo bike, please have an enclosed seat for the child. E-BIKES: Only ride in a group you could normally ride in/be comfortable in with a non-motorized bike. E-Bikes allow any rider to jump into any one of our rides. But that does not mean the rider has experience with a paceline or comfort with reaction times. Helmets always required!

PARKING: If you are driving in, please park on the street or in the upper lot nearest Glenwood and bike down to the parking lot. Between yoga also starting at 10am and the brewery opening at 11am, there simply aren't enough parking spots.

BIKE PARKING: You are always ok bringing your bike back to the patio if you do not have a lock/ability to store your bike in your car after the ride. However, we cannot lean then against the fence and block the rear walkway anymore. Utepils is instructing us to bring our bikes to the back of the patio in the lower bowl area and park our bikes back there.

Key info:

Meet at Utepils Brewery at 9:30/9:45am

Announcements start at 9:55am

Rides begin at 10:00am

Waiver link (must be signed once per calendar year):


Sport (Bay 1): 20-21 mph paceline with minimal stops. 30-35 mile route

Sport Light (Bay 3): 18-20 mph paceline with minimal stops. 25-30 mile route

Sport Ultra Light (Bay 5): 16-18 mph paceline with a few stops. 20-25 mile route

Rec (Parking spots nearest tracks): 11-14 mph group ride. 15-20 mile route


Sport (Retaining wall): Have experience mountain biking and can handle majority of obstacles in Theo/Loppet trail systems

Sport Light (Office building): Know what you are doing but not trying to set any speed records

Rec (Auto shop): Newer/want to go at a more casual pace. Comfortable on some obstacles

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