Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Sunday Ride - Makeout Point Minnesota

This Sunday ride ends at an illustrious local landmark. It travels along the Mississippi river and south st paul.

It's about 50 miles.

Some useful milestones for this ride:

901 Sibley Memorial Hwy
5 Harriet Island Blvd
240 Point Douglas Rd S
County Rd 18, 55119

Makeout Point
12085 Grey Cloud Trail S, Cottage Grove, MN 55016

587 Verderosa Ave
565 Marie Ave W, Mendota Heights

UPDATE - notes after riding it

You can't get to Makeout Point by road! It's posted as a private road, no trespassing. I think from satellite map it may now be on private property. The public road ends by Camp Galilee.

Some routes are hard to find! This map uses quite a few park trails, sometimes worn and battered, sometimes hard to find. Google Bike Maps are great, but they don't distinguish trail rotes from road routes.

Our ride was 2,600 feet of climbing. Some of that was due to some navigation errors that turned short flat routes into long routes with big hills. Some of it is because on the way back from near Makeout Point we took MN 75 (Grey Cloud Island Drive) and it's hilly. Mostly though it was because the route I plotted Simon's Ravine Trailhead across West St Paul is really hilly.

There aren't a lot places to stop for food or fluids. Plan accordingly.

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