Friday, June 28, 2019

Sunday Ride - road to Carver Lake Park, Mountain Biking, return

This Sunday ride combines a road ride with mountain biking and possibly including trials of some Pivot mountain bikes.

On June 30 Angry Catfish and Pivot Bikes are providing loaner bikes from 10am to 4pm at Carver Lake Park. So there's the option of riding a road bike to Caver and then borrowing a mountain bike. Carver is sometimes used as an introductory trail for someone new to mountain biking (trail riding really, we don't have mountains here).

I'll ride my mountain bike so I won't use up a trial bike, but if one is free I'll try it. Since I'm on my mountain bike I have an excuse for being slow.

The ride starts in St Paul's Mac Groveland neighborhood and looks something like this:

There's about 30 miles of road riding plus Carver trail biking. I think we can get lunch in South St Paul (Stockman's Truck stop) but bring some snack food and water.

There is a possible variation: if everyone is on mountain bike we could take a shorter route by doing the Battle Creek overlook trail down to the bottom of the creek, and then pickup the road and trail along highway 61.

On the way back we'll climb Ramsey Hill (much nicer than climbing Jefferson) or follow Tim around Cathedral to Summit.

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