Monday, February 8, 2016

Michigan's Maasto-Hiihto & Churning Rapids XC ski: ultimate dog-human nordic ski experience.

It doesn’t get better than Michigan’s Maasto-Hiihto & Churning Rapids XC ski trails.

My family spent a long weekend there recently. With our usual stops along the way it took us 8-9 hours (Google says 6h) to drive from St Paul Minnesota to our hotel, the Magnuson Hotel Copper Crown in Hancock Michigan. From the Hotel it was 5 minutes to the Chalet trailhead (red P lower left below, from map 2015, this excerpt is lower 1/3 of system).

Screen Shot 2016 02 06 at 5 21 02 PM 

We made the long drive partly because human CO2 emissions have warmed Minnesota enough to make snow cover unpredictable. At our scheduled 2016 holiday slot there was reliable snow cover at two locations near Lake Superior — Minnesota’s far north (arrowhead, Grand Marais) and Michigan’s famously snow Keweenaw peninsula.

Snow cover wasn’t the entire reason though. Minnesota is pretty nice too. The winning feature was that we could ski with our dog Kateva. The trail system is explicitly dog welcoming. We paid to be supporting members and we will be back.

Obviously, if you are taking your dog to Maasto Hiihto, you need to have a system to get any poop away from the trail. A baggy in a backpack works best.

Update 1/14/2017

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