Thursday, December 25, 2014

Minnesota Fat bike trails: should be good for skijoring too

Minnesota is becoming the Fat Bike capitol of the world. I see them all around the Twin Cities, we have several industry leading builders in town, and we’re adding trails:

Why now and why Minnesota? Because we’re ground zero for global warming. Being in the center of the continent and on the border between climate zones we’re hit hard by arctic warming. Our winter sports, hockey, skating, nordic skiing and even downhill skiing are dying. (Heck, even snowmobiling is dying.) We desperately need an outdoor activity that works no matter the weather. Enter the Fat Bike, an emergent solution if there ever was one.

Next year, I’m buying one. I’d get one now, but I’m still recovering from my Cannondale Scalpel purchase. Besides, my kid will want one and he’s gotta work towards it.

In the meantime, should we actually get some snow, these multi-use Fatbike trails should also work well for skijoring. Definitely an improvement on using snowmobile trails! Just be sure to keep poop of the trails — it’s a crowded world.

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