Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lebanon Hills Mountain Biking

The Lebanon Hills trails are the crown jewels of MSP mountain biking. They are also, unsurprisingly, insanely popular.


I've taken the kids there twice. Google doesn't seem to know where the trailhead is yet (I submitted an addition), but this link will take you to the West Trailhead and the Skills Park (Cliff road, Johny Cake, look for entrance).Screen Shot 2012 11 21 at 11 03 07 PM

The only negative of this astounding trail system is the traffic. The lot is usually full, and fast riders come from as far as Mankato and Rochester.  There is currently a problem with the novice trails - they get a lot of traffic from racers aiming for the faster trails. I'd like to see a way to either educate these riders to go extremely slowly on the green trails or to encourage them to bypass the novice trails. The press of fast riders can really discourage novice riders, esp. kids.

Otherwise my 10 yo daughter, who is far from bold, did very well on the Novice trail. She was anxious the first time and confident the second.

My 15yo hammered the blue trails, but we stayed away from the black and red. I have a hard fork bike (only one there!) and I suspect you want at least front suspension for the expert loops.

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