Monday, May 28, 2012

Spring Lake Park Reserve and Schaar's Bluff - tiny cross-country trail system

I've never heard of this trail south of MSP, but from the summer trail map and winter trail map and a friends report it might be a nice family outing if there's snow (not too likely this epoch):

Spring Lake Park Reserve - Mississippi National River & Recreation Area 
Spring Lake Park Reserve offers over 3 miles of cross-country classic ski trails and almost 2 miles of cross-country skate-ski trails.

Spring Lake Park is a little known Dakota County/State park system a few miles from Hastings MN. The shoreline is still private; from the satellite map it looks like there's some kind of logging going on in part of it (!). I get the feeling the owners would not welcome tourists.

The Park area is associated with Schaar's Bluff Gathering Center, an attractive event place for weddings, meetings and the like. It has the look of a congressional earmark. I don't think it's available for use during routine ski days (too bad), but one year they had a Jan ski event there.

Here's the Google Map view, and here's a good looking bicycle or skate option to ice cream in Hastings.

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