Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gunflint Pines Resort: Skijoring on lake and Amerpage ski trail

Gunflint Pines Resort, way up Minnesota's gunflint trail is "family and pet friendly" and offers skijoring trails ...

We do offer Skijoring on the Amperage Skitrail, which is located right behind our property, and of course you can always skijor on the lake.

The Amperage ski trailis is one of the last to come online each season, as its course passes through a swamp, and it must be frozen solid enough to support our grooming equipment safely before we can groom it properly.

Bob & Shari Baker
Gunflint Pines Resort

Surprisingly, the neighboring and fairly dog friendly Gunflint Lodge has no skijoring at all!

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Boundary Waters Blog Lady said...

And if you're really interested in a fun event for a good cause then come up to the Gunflint Trail during Mush for a Cure where you can Skijor for a Cure as well! Gunflint Pines participates in this wonderful event that has raised over $100,000 for the National Breast Cancer Society in its five years since it began. Check it out online or contact me for details! sue@canoeit.com