Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Introduction to MSP Trails

MSP Trails is currently an experiment. It may be launched or it may simply inspire some other entity to do a better job. I tend to favor the latter, since it takes drive and marketing to make something like this work and I've other obligations.

The goal of MSP Trails, including this blog and related items such as Google Maps, Google Calendar and perhaps (one day) a Wiki is to provide a single, organizationally neutral, edited, ad-free, spam-free, source for news and information on bicycle and inline stating trails in the Twin Cities Metro area.

If this particular example of MSP Trails is launched, I'd be looking for volunteers to post news on trails and work on updating Google's shared map layers, including adding relevant photographs.

I (John Faughnan, really) currently own the domain name and this blog, but I'd be happy to turn it over to the appropriate organization if one exists. It will only work if it's part of an emergent collaborative effort. I cannot imaging making any money from this in any way, I have other things I need to be doing.


Anonymous said...

Great idea for a website/blog! Keep it up, I'd love to hear more people discuss where they skate here in the Twin Cities.

Just to show the full glory of the internet: I was Googling for information on my new Motorola RAZR and happened across one of your other blog posts. I enjoyed the review and noticed you live in the Twin Cities. Since you're local, I thought I might checkout your other blogs. That lead me here, which lead me to http://skate, which lead me to find some trials in my area which I didn't know existed. From there I visited Google Maps to figure out the best way to connect me with these undiscovered trails.

Finally, the knowledge of new trails close to home and their precise location relative to my own location lead me to a quick mid-day skate to tryout them out!

Thanks for your interest an voice in the same activities as me.


JGF said...

Hi David!

Thanks for the comment. I've never promoted this blog as I'm still figuring out what will work best, really I'd like to see Google launch their long delayed wiki service. Even so I'll do a few posts ..

Skater said...

As soon as I saw the comment about the FNS, I knew it was you. John and I go waaay back. We didn't know each other yet, but I remember that he sprung into action when help was needed on the first Friday Night Skate.
Good luck on the blog. We have so many great trails around The Cities and Minnsota that it is hard to know them all.